HOT RABBIT - Fridays @ Monster - DJ Brian Belukha


HOT RABBIT - Queer Dance Party


80 Grove St (W 4th/7th Ave)


***** NO COVER with PASSWORD *****
*** This week's PASSWORD is **** SHRIMP SCAMPI ****
Be discreet !! This privilege is for Rabbits only !!

$5 Heinekens and $5 vodka sea/bay breezes!!

$2 Coat Check !!! The Monster is CASH ONLY !!

Photography by photomistress Gizelle Peters

Sexy go-gos Jojo and resident Body-Shottie-Hottie Sandy!

11/30 *** DJ Brian Belukha (JUDY) ***
It's his birthday!!! AND special guest DJ pARTy GrRrl (JUDY) !!!

12/7 DJs/rap duo Ali Ramos and Char Johnson (Zebra Baby)

12/14 DJ Mitch Ferrino (Monster/XL)

12/21 DJ JeNRG (Exxxtreme Ent.)


1/4 DJ LeahV (Zuesdays Boston/PaperPanda)

1/11 DJ Soozee (Get It!)

1/18 DJ Chaotic (New World/Sleep No More)

1/25 DJ Monstar (WITCHES)

2/1 DJ Whitney Day (GLOSSY)

2/8 DJ Average Jo (JUICE BOX/Yes Ma'am)

2/15 DJ Amber Valentine (Misster)

2/22 DJ Angel Boi (TIGHT)

3/8 DJ Shomi Noise (Azucar/Hey Queen)

And check out our new THURSDAY night party starting December 6th, SWEET FOX !!!

** Nominated for BEST GAY NIGHT by the 2011 PAPER Magazine Nightlife Awards **

Rotating kickass queer dance DJs every Friday! Past and upcoming include DJs JD Samson and Michael O'Neill (MEN), DJ Whitney Day (GLOSSY), DJ Elli Vadar (Blow Up!), DJ Lezz Van Halen (Choice C*nts), DJ Scotty Rox (DR!P), DJ Amber Valentine (Misster), DJ Shomi Noise (Azucar), DJ Cunty Crawford LaDosha (House of LaDosha), DJ Angel Boi (TIGHT), DJ TRx (CONFESSION), DJ Roze Royce (Spin Sugar), DJ Soozee (Get It!), DJ Little Bear (Ms. Thang), DJ Average Jo (Yes Ma'am), 4/27 DJ Monstar (Get It!), DJ Mitch Ferrino (Monster), DJ JeNRG (Exxxtreme), DJ Damian Cote (Buddies), DJ John Renaud (King Size Berlin), DJ Brent Covington (Fur & Gold Boston), DJ LeahV (Zuesdays Boston) etc.

French Dictionary:
Chaud Lapin : n., Sex maniac (lit. Hot Rabbit)



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