Gay Geeks of New York Geek Trivia Gathering!



Gay Geeks of NY is an ongoing social gathering for all gay, lesbian, bi, trans and otherwise queer "geeks" of all backgrounds and ages meeting at the LGBT Center once a month. Gay supporters welcome as well!!
This is a place to make friends and discuss your favorite comics, video games, TV shows, role-playing games, books and more with fellow geeks of all genres.

Each gathering centers around our four round Geek Trivia, which covers all aspects of geek genres, with a prize bag going to the winner. Two rounds of trivia, followed by a mingling period, then the final two rounds!

Here's the lowdown for our always!
1) The cost to attend will be $5 each.
2) If you plan on attending, please bring a food or drink item to share with the group.
3) VERY IMPORTANT - Though this invite says we are in Room 410, please check at the front desk whether or not our room has been changed. The Center sometimes moves around groups last minute, so please check first!
4) DONATIONS! - Have geeky crap that you want to get rid of? (comic book trades, statues, action figures (not loose, packaged only), DVDs, video games, etc)
Then bring it! I will take it towards future prize bags! HOWEVER, please do not bring me loose comics, or individual comics. That also goes for broken or unplayable CDs, DVDs or video games! They will wind up getting thrown out!
5) Only a six person limit per team! You do NOT however, need to bring your own team. (you will form a team with other members in attendance)

Please join us for our our gathering Sunday, December 9th for another rousing gathering of Geek Trivia!!
Contact Nick at [email protected] for any questions, or follow us on Twitter (@GayGeeksNY) for updates!!
Also check out our website:


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