Boys for Shots: 3rd Annual Alternative to Toys for Tots


now, I would never disparage anyone's good time...but if you prefer Butt Magazine to Architectural Digest, spend more on rent than you do on Botox, and don't feel like wading through a pile of donated Duane Reade "Barbie" doll knock-offs, we have an alternative for you.

it''s pretty simple: come to Industry for a few drinks, good music, and a drama-free crowd.

please bring $10 (or more if you're feeling Santa-ish) to donate to the Ali Forney Center, the largest organization in the US providing housing, educational services, and medical care for LGBTQ homeless youth.

please wear something festive, but we won't judge you if your bow tie isn't Thom Browne.

please bring your friends. oh, and girls are totally welcome, it's just that "boys" rhymes way better.


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