Hardcore @Vlada -- Thanksgiving Fights!


Before you get caught up in Christmas, remember that Thanksgiving comes first, and what's that mean? Good, old fashioned family FIGHTS!

The night before Thanksgiving is the biggest club night of the year... which is why we're not using it! Because we'd have to sacrifice the 6' x 6' giant screen in order to play well with others, and really, that's soooooo not the spirit of the holiday, right? So we're on the last Wed this month: WED NOV 28! Don't miss it!

We're focusing on fighting games this month, so look for Brawl for casual gaymers and Nintendo nuts like myself, but expect some serious Tekken and MK fighting if you're a true badass!

Every month we get $6 infused vodka drinks when you give the bartender or cocktail waiter your gaymer token! This month, our featured drink will be ... FINISH HIM. And it will. So check in for details!

It is Thanksgiving, and it wouldn't be without food! Keep it to snack foods, but please feel free to bring chips, pretzels, and whatnots! I'll bring a little something, too! (If you want real food, order it from the kitchen before 11, though! It's delicious!)

I'll see you boys there! And hopefully my spine will remain intact throughout the night!

21+ to play!


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