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NYC Pride Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night will make its debut in the digital space on Thursday, June 17, 2021, featuring a 40-minute pre-feature film segment with LGBTQIA+ families discussing surrogacy, adoption, foster care, and tapping into other resources both Queer families and individuals seeking these resources can benefit from. Key speakers include Vernon Leftwich and Ricardo Cooper, parents of two-year-old twins Harper and Knox Leftwich-Cooper who appear in this year’s NYC Pride 2021 visual campaign. Other key appearances include Gays With Kids, Family Equality Council, XChange for Change, and Miss Richfield 1981.

“I feel honored to be a part of an event that serves as an opportunity to unite a community that may at times feel so isolated,” said Leftwich. “My family in particular looks different, even within this community, yet events like this show that we still have a place and I'm sure can find others much like ours. Additionally, it is a beacon of hope for all LGBTQIA+ persons who desire to have a family of their own.”