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GayCities Members report that XL Nightclub has closed
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XL is NYC's largest gay nightclub & entertainment complex. Each week we feature world-class DJ's, sound, lighting and shows / reviews.


    • evldewar
      evldewar Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Had Potential
      Went there last Saturday expecting a very large and packed venue. Only main floor was open and not a lot of people there. Drinks were insanely expensive and not overly strong. Too bad because the place has potential!

    • reyes_73
      reyes_73 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I was at BPM/XL on 8/1/2015 and I used my card to pay $14 for 1 cocktail. The bartender who processed my payment, altered the tip amount and gave himself a $128 tip! I've disputed the charge with my credit card company and this place has the audacity to claim that I authorized the charge and provided my credit card company with phony documentation. Not only are the bartenders thieves, the management is complicit in the thievery! I will never be back that there and I encourage others to stay away!

    • RNYC
      RNYC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      only club; club! in nyc
      huge and fun

    • sasha.sevenii
      sasha.sevenii Over a year ago
      Loves it

      NYCs Hottest Gay Nightclub in NYC
      I personally like the atmosphere and ultra modern feel to the club. The bartenders are hot and the club usually has an amazing line up DJs. If you're a tourist check out this place.

    • jasperlabel
      jasperlabel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      HOT HOT HOT!

    • stuartjay72
      stuartjay72 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Refused tap water
      I decided to stay at The Out hotel in Hell's Kitchen partly due to the proximity to the locals bars and gay scene. I was pleased to discover that XL was part of the same complex, and was looking forward to going. To be fair and honest, I should say that I enjoyed the layout of the club, although mirrors on most walls made a fairly small club look a lot bigger. The music was good, and there was a good atmosphere. When I go clubbing, I believe it is important to pace yourself with alcoholic drinks. Therefore, I usually ask for a glass of tap water after a couple of vodkas. This time, though, I was told that there was no tap water available, and I would have to buy a bottle of water. For this, I was charged $5 - more than I had paid for my vodka! I have been to many clubs around the world, and this is the first time I have been refused free tap water. I asked to speak to the manager, hoping he would say that there had been a mix up, but he confirmed that they will not supply free water. I immediately returned to my hotel next door to explain the situation, and they were friendly and helpful, and gave me water. However, I would not have been allowed to bring water back into the club (others had been told to leave plastic bottles outside whilst queuing up), so I didn't return, and my evening was spoiled. In the UK there are laws about bars promoting responsible drinking and offering free water, and I will be checking to see if XL have broken any laws. In the meantime, the brilliant The Out hotel should remove its association with XL, and the association with the poor customer service there will bring its reputation down.

    • dat83kid
      dat83kid Over a year ago

      unsure why this place is still in BIZ in NYC
      I would like to write a formal letter to the owners to this establishment. I have never felt so alienated and mistreated at a gay nightclub before. I walked up to 3 bartenders and they looked at me and walked away. I have NEVER experienced this in my 10 years of partying. I smile, and is very generous with tips. I am trying not to pull the race card but i had a woman, white, ask the one of the same bartender to get a drink and he told her a totally different price. I told the young lady don't worry about it, to for get the drink... I will not be spending my money here ever again. I came to this place because I love to dance, I love a place with space so i can dance my stress away and all this place did is add to it. Being the last place i wanted to be, I left only after 20 minutes in there. XL NIGHTCLUB YOU ARE IN THE WRONG CITY IF YOU ALL CAN'T TREAT EVERYONE WITH THE SAME RESPECT.

    • lhrsf0
      lhrsf0 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      big loud and dull
      Big loud and dull, didn't enjoy myself

    • Grandstreet212
      Grandstreet212 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Maybe a change for the better...
      I'm giving XL 4 stars simply for getting rid of that relic promoter John Blair. Aside from that,I will acknowledge that the club is in dire need of some serious improvement in a few areas,like their staff. As far as those complaining about the club being "pricey", what NYC nightclub ISN'T pricey? You can't expect walmart prices in one of the most expensive cities in the world.And it's not as if XL doesn't offer ways to get discounts. I got into XL free before midnight,so what the hell is you guys' problem? That said,I was there this past Saturday night (2/16/2013) for Paulo and it was bonkers. The last time I enjoyed XL like that was when Peter Rauhofer headlined back in late December 2012. Regarding the statement made in the first sentence,there have been rumors floating around for the past week or so about John Blair being "ousted" from XL nightclub. Allegedly XL was his idea,which I'm sure it was, but considering his miserable track record with clubs over the past 7+ years, I'd assume XL was trying to cut the baggage that was causing the club some dead weight. Besides, back in mid 2007 (shortly after ROXY closed down) I heard from a few insiders that John Blair was part of the reason why Gene Denino (former owner of ROXY) was willing to give up the space outright as west Chelsea was being redeveloped for over-privileged yuppies. That in itself may or may not be true,but given the sagging numbers at ROXY prior to its closing,it's quite plausible. And to cite another example,for those of you who remember Avalon Saturdays (John Blair's pathetic attempt at "bringing back" Saturday nights) it ran from March 31, 2007 to June 23, 2007. He couldn't manage to keep the crowd sizes large enough to fill the space,so the management of Avalon axed his party from the club. Then he "moves" over to Splash (which as many locals will tell you,is hospice for no longer relevant promoters and parties in gay nightlife). All of this was taking place while Peter Rauhofer's weekly WORK! parties at the old octagon space on west 33rd was blowing up and drawing massive crowds. While it's great to have a new gay megaclub in Manhattan, John Blair's shoddy history with clubs was affecting XL nightclub. He was repetitively bringing in typical mediocre circuit cheese DJs (i.e. Manny Lehman,Tony Moran,and Tracy Young) who pretty much will play music that mostly circuit queens tripping on ecstasy and special K would enjoy. The city's megaclub scene has always been about House Music. I shouldn't have to go to straight clubs (i.e. Marquee,Pacha,Cielo,and soon to be open Sankeys and Ibiza's Space nightclub) to hear good music by world class House Music DJs. Apparently, the team running XL nightclub saw the dwindling crowd size on Saturday nights (which is one of their major club nights) so they did alittle house cleaning and ousted the alleged "king of NYC's gay nightlife". Evidently,it has not occurred to John Blair that the scene has changed and the "Chelsea boy" and "shirtless muscle queen" image is a horse that was put to death years ago. Besides,if people have been paying attention,they'd notice that the gay "party scene" has moved into Hell's Kitchen. Chelsea is dead! It's time to "think outside of the box". You cannot create something new and pull the same old crap that has failed in the past and will likely fail again. It defeats the purpose. Hopefully at this point,XL will improve and grow now that John Blair's stranglehold on the club is no longer. I'd like to look at this as a "new beginning" for the city's only large gay nightclub. They do have some new ideas and plans coming,so let's see where it takes them.

    • fernand
      fernand Over a year ago
      Loves it

      In New York in April
      Will try this place out on April 13 th. it's my birthday.

    • massadrenaline
      massadrenaline Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Sub-par New Year's Eve Experience at XL Nightclub
      On New Year’s eve my friend and I decided to ring in the new year at XL Nightclub. We both purchased VIP tickets and made our way to the club prior to midnight. I had journeyed from New Haven, CT to experience the nightclub for the first time and he made his way from Brooklyn. While I was at Grand Central Station, I rang the club to find out what to expect once I arrived. The response I received set the tone for everything that was to happen that night. When I informed the contact at the other end of the phone that I had bought a VIP ticket and wanted to know if I had to wait in line, I was essentially told that I would find out what to do when I got there. Upon arrival, I was ushered inside and asked for my ticket. I advised the representative that the link that was texted to my phone was broken and so I was unable to pull up the ticket information. This scenario had caused me some trouble when I was trying to access 42nd street because the police officers wanted to know that I had a reservation for the venue that I was trying to get to. Ultimately, I was given a band and nothing else. I found my friend waiting inside but was clueless as to where to go, where to check my coat and very unimpressed by the treatment I had received so far. I went downstairs and paid $6 to check my coat. My friend, Kenny, advised me that this was what he was advised by the person at the VIP coat check area upstairs. I found this quite peculiar but decided not to argue because I was frankly exhausted after my travels. We went back upstairs to the buffet area to get some food to nibble on. I could sense Kenny was slightly irritated but I didn’t really understand why until the next set of events unfolded. I beckoned one of the staff members over and asked him about the free bottle of champagne I was to receive. He asked me if I had a table and I advised him that I had just arrived. Kenny had been at the club about 30 minutes to an hour before me and was not seated at a table. The attendant who was dressed in a grayish-looking suit with what appeared to be a white trim said that we could stand by the bar or sit in a corner area of the club and he would bring over a bottle of champagne. I was totally against standing any further and so I told him we would get seated in one of the corners. He brought over the bottle of champagne. Before he left, I asked him if he was going to bring over another bottle of champagne for Kenny. He said it was only one bottle per table. I found this confusing. I advised him Kenny had also paid for a VIP ticket and should also be entitled to a bottle of champagne. He, Kenny and I spent a good 5 minutes arguing over the logistics of how this process worked. Kenny and I honestly felt we were being duped…and disrespected because of the manner in which we were being spoken to. At this point, we were not being treated like VIPs but like hoodlums who had crashed an upscale party. We asked for the general manager and were told he was busy. I insisted he get the general manager so we could put this issue to bed. When the general manager arrived, we explained that we had both bought VIP tickets and didn’t understand the concept of sharing a bottle of champagne. I asked him if Kenny were a total stranger if I was still expected to share the bottle of champagne with him. He said yes. At this point, I was totally perplexed. Mid-conversation, the attendant and the general manager turned their backs on us and walked away. The attendant took the bottle of champagne with him. I thought that we were on an episode of Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher. I asked the attendant what happened to our bottle of champagne and he had the wait staff return it to our area. We were virtually ignored for the rest of the night. Kenny also advised me that the general manager uttered something to the effect of him forgetting about his f&^*ing bottle of champagne. I decided to put my rational hat on and speak with the couple seated next to us. She was a fabulous Latina who suggested I speak with her friend, David Lopez, who was the general manager of The Out – an ultra chic hotel within the same building. The heavens opened up and I thought that at last we would get an opportunity to speak with someone who could help us make sense of what was happening. David confirmed what XL’s nightclub manager and the attendant had told us. It was supposed to be one bottle per table. I told him that this was a rather confusing promotion and he did not disagree. Then, David did something that totally resolved the entire matter for me. He noted that he had VIPs at his table who had all paid for their tickets and were all sharing his bottle of champagne. Apart from that, David was courteous, an effective listener and truly a class act. He exemplified everything a small to medium business owner/manager should be. I explained what I had learned to Kenny and this calmed him down somewhat. David even offered to try and get us another bottle of champagne for all the aggravation we had been through. To give you a little background on who I am, my name is Oneil Williams and I am a writer and business consultant. I have traveled the globe and currently write for several websites that cater to small and medium businesses. I write extensively on issues relating to customer service, sales and organizational management. I’ve also been a VIP at some of the most impressive nightclubs in London, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Las Vegas. Without question, my experience at XL Nightclub was one of the worst VIP experiences I have ever had and the only one that did not leave me with a positive impression. I am normally the last person to ever bring race into any equation, but I can’t help thinking if our experience would have been as difficult or as dreadful if Kenny and I had blonde hair and blue eyes. I think XL nightclub’s staff is in desperate need of customer service training. Kenny and I could have chosen to patronize any business that night. We certainly do not lack the means. We selected this nightclub and are ever so upset that we did. We will never patronize this establishment again. We would, however, visit The Out, where Mr. Lopez seems to have a handle on what superior customer service is. Your staff needs to learn the meaniXL Nightclub’s staff needs to understand the meaning of the word VIP and recognize that they do not get to select which paying VIP customers get treated like one based on their impressions. Not surprisingly, an email that was forwarded to managing partner, Mr. Brian Voss, has gone without a response for over a week which leaves me with the impression that he is about as concerned with our experience as his staff was.

    • bossof
      bossof Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The worst club experience in NYC. I wasted money and time... The bad things start at the entrance, when a troglodyte security check your ID as if you were a criminal. The drinks are water-added and don't worth a penny. The bathrooms are really dirty and stinky.

    • newyorkguy
      newyorkguy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      gottest place to go to

    • johnthomas81
      johnthomas81 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Love this club
      The big apple definitely deserved this club. Every night is fun, a bit expensive to get in but worth it! A MUST DO!

    • TimTom
      TimTom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Big and Spacious
      line may be discouraging but once inside, drinks are good music is good.