Flaming Saddles Salon

93% love it
"Coyote Ugly" gay bar
Where the bartenders “do-si-do on the bar top like an all-male version of Coyote Ugly.” Put your boot on and join this rowdy crowd for a night of pure fun!


    • mc4bs
      mc4bs Over a year ago

      I wish it were a GAY bar again!
      When they first opened, they were so cool. I loved taking visitors/guests to the only "gay country music/western bar" in NYC -- but that's changed. The Hell's Kitchen gay bar scene has been infiltrated by straight females -- who, in turn, attract straight men who beat up faggots to show how manly they are. I am a gay man and I go to gay bars, why should I fear that another man will be offended by a come-on line and attack me in what SHOULD be a "safe safe" for gay men? Sorry, too many strikes and far too uncomfortable now. I don't know what the solution is, but I won't go there if there are straight girls & guys and/or loud music -- sorry. In addition, yes, this is the GAY bar in where a straight female was raped in the bathroom by a straight guy. What's with that?!?

    • angelus78DE
      angelus78DE Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice place

    • jhudgins
      jhudgins Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Tourist trap
      After reading about this exciting new new bar I was excited that NYC had a Gay country western bar and was excited to go .... Well I went. It just another tourist trap offering the opportunity for straight tourists and fag hags to sit back and drink way too expensive drinks while having a good laugh at Gay boys who honestly want to make something of themselves expense. This straight owned club is nothing but an oportunistic venue to make fun of the fags trying to be butch or trying to recreate "Oklahoma". Please don't patronize. It's no different than Lips making fun of the transgender community.

    • JonathanNish
      JonathanNish Over a year ago

      Not my crowd...

    • blondofborg
      blondofborg Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Totally unique & great fun
      Shamelessly kitch, non-attitude bar with hot and friendly staff and easygoing patrons. Bar top line dancing? In a gay bar? What's not to love?

    • GXS
      GXS Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Très sympathique
      Super ambiance grâce à l'équipe, super accueil. Ambiance saloon très sympa.

    • Tazz602
      Tazz602 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Fun Place
      This is a great fun place to hang with friends. Despite the lack of a dance floor, the hot bartenders get up on the bar and give you a show doing a line dance to their signature song. There is definitely some good eye candy. You might even get lucky and be one of the ones that gets Tequila poured directly into your mouth at the bar. Nice place to meet friends and move on from there. It can get crowded, but you are still able to get around easily enough.

    • sonitroltowne
      sonitroltowne Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Im a former New Yorker, back on a visit after living out of state. I got into this bar just fine with my friend when I initially went in, the guy checked my ID and everything...im 25. Well, I stepped out for a few minutes, and trying to get back in, I was denied saying my ID was damaged because it was fading around the edges...well, the police seem to have no issue with my id. Cell phone was dead so I had to wait for my friend to comeout to find me because the imbecil at the front door with his redneck wanna be carhartt vest wouldnt let me back in. Cut your damn nasty @$$ long hair and get a real job! When I was in there, there was a minimal crowd. I wonder why? Hmmm...could it be possibly because of the @$$h0le staff that run the place, or the GOD-AWFUL BORING environment and music...the interior and the music playing reminds me of a sobby whiny kill-me country song...I could have fallen asleep in the place. After this $h1th0le, we went to a really nice place just down the road called "Therapy", and it lives up to its name because the place is big, has an excellent upbeat environment, great music, staff are awesome, and the place doesnt make you wanna kill yourself. I highly recommend visiting Therapy @ 348 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019. SAVE YOURSELF A MAJOR HEADACHE AND TROUBLE AND AT ALL MEASURES DO NOT GO TO FLAMING SADDLES SALOON!!! Mike W North Carolina

    • timpops
      timpops Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Stay AWAY from this horrible establishment.
      I came to Flaming Saddles after hanging out at Boxers. I voiced my opinion to the bartender that rather than 'dancing on the bar, why not serve the paying customers who were waiting for a drink instead of watching the whole bar staff dance". Two minutes later, I was escorted out by the owner "Chris." Do yourself a favor, patron other bars in the area, one with a staff who can take constructive criticism on how to keep their customer's happy rather than keeping up with the bars "shtick". It was lame being asked to leave and I'll make sure that I and my friends (and many others) no longer patron this establishment. I myself used to work in Brooklyn and at times we would ask people to leave due to bad behavior and we explained why- I was given no reason. I only made a comment and was asked to leave. LAME stupid saddles.

    • BlakeKelly
      BlakeKelly Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My new favorite bar!
      I decided to check out this place after seeing a show on b-way. Being a Texan Boy I was right at home the moment I walked in. Great music an atmosphere! Drinks were fairly priced and surpizingly large by NYC standards. Best of all, the hunk bartender (aka: Bandits) got up on the bar and started boot scooting'. It was like Coyote Ugly for gay men. I loved it! Check it out!

    • aguilar123
      aguilar123 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay Country!
      I guess I'm jus' a lil' ole country boi after all! I like the atmosphere, I get to wear my western gear, good drinks, mixed crowd, the staff is a hoot. Kind of Honky Tonk with that NY vibe. Fun!

    • JerryL661
      JerryL661 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a lil country a lil rock n roll
      It's part Marie and part Donny. I loved it!!

    • wacker
      wacker Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Flaming Saddles...More like Flaming Drama
      I visited the bar on 11/12/11 from out of town. Asked the cute bar tender for a vodka tonic with a splash of cran. He forgot the cran, and when I asked for it, he obliged but forgot the straw. He then did a great vamp of Madonna's Vogue on the bar...nice butt! By then happy hour was ending and much of the crowd left and seats at the bar opened up. So I saddled up to the bar. My glass was empty, but instead of getting a refill, I was subjected to an verbal sparring between the guy walking the floor and the bar tender. To say the least the bar tender had a hissy-fit. The cute bar tender went away from the bar and came back with larger containers of cut fruit and proceeded to fill many various receptacles with his fruit...my glass is still empty. He then ran up to what appeared to be the bar manager and told his tale of woe...my glass is still empty. He continues to unload his fruit...my glass is still empty...finally he gets done with his duties... and two guys walk up to bar and stand right next to me, an the bar tender starts serving them...my glass is still empty. At this point I do not need the agravation, there are plenty of gay bars to be found in Hell' Kitchten, I walked out. This bar needs to focus on customer service, and less on drama!

    • jjkeyes
      jjkeyes Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun new Hells Kitchen bar
      Flaming Saddles is a really fun spot. Drinks are reasonably priced and the bandit bartenders are a blast. Put on your cowboy hat and get over to Ninth Avenue!