Castro (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Le Boy Bar & Lounge

99% love it
GayCities Members report that Castro has closed
Hot uptown boy bar
Castro is the hottest new uptown bar, filled with sexy bartenders, cute Dominican boys, and all kinds of fun trouble.


      AMAZEMI Over a year ago

      This place is disgusting! There is no air condition!!! Slightly over priced on drinks that 90% will be spilled. A Stripper that works there attacked me for trying not fall with him and fall on others too, after all it's a crowded club this Stripper had the nerve to follow me to the corner where I'm standing to confront me, after ignoring he stood there chanting in gibberish deff not English!!! In an aggressive body language. This place is not for the Elites or anyone with any type of class, esp, anyone who appreciate ambiance , good music, and overall decency, DO NOT GO THERE!!! It's not a club it's a bar treated like a club TACKY , MANAGEMENT CHILDISH LIKE, If BUYING SEX IS YOUR THING YOU WILL FIND ALL THE WORN GAY FOR PAY PROTEIN MUSCLE HEADS HERE, and they ain't shy! So dnt expect to be entertain these are sex workers and gay for pay boiis trying to feed, their ignorant lil lives. Smoke will be blown in your face hookah sellers asks you to move so others could smoke it's just over all tacky experience from hell, this isn't my first visit but deff last, so this review is not reflecting 1 night but maybe 6-10 visits in 2 years nothing good apart from being a block away, NYC-State could make use of this waste of space.

    • BBwannabe
      BBwannabe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Come with me to the Castro
      Castro is in Inwood at the north tip of Manhattan, near the intersection of Nagle and Dyckman (pronounced Dick-Man!) street. It's another of those long narrow NYC bars with a small dance floor, although people acted like it's all dance floor. Castro has 4 video screens and a longish bar with gogo guys dancing on it--muscular and chunky type dancers. The bartenders were def. hot! When I was there in the wee hours of 5/10/15, it was crowded and there were mostly black and hispanic dancers and patrons. Sweet hookah smoke added to the atmosphere. The cover was $10 and I paid $7.50 for a rum and coke. Yes, I would go back.

    • jimbo901
      jimbo901 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      here i come

    • bonnickd
      bonnickd Over a year ago
      Hates it

      going to the club
      I went to la boy lounge last night and was pleasantly surprise, the music was good, the Gogo boys were very hot, and the overall crowd was good I will definitely be going back.

    • erijohnson
      erijohnson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Downtown feel
      I went to the opening party and had a BLAST! Great house music, hot bartenders ,dancers, trendy decor, and friendly crowd.