Rockit Fridays at XL (closed) (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Rockit Fridays at District 36 (and Quo, Crimson))

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GayCities Members report that Rockit Fridays at XL (closed) has closed
Friday hot spot
The party has moved to XL! Dance and meet the boys at this weekly party for the NYC in crowd.
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    • batman75
      batman75 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not worth going to Rockit at XL
      I went last friday for the second time to XL for the Rockit party and was really surprised how rude the dragged doorman was! We arrived at 1:30am, the line to enter was completely empty and he/she kept us waiting outside while he was talking to a friend for a while. My friend asked him if we could get in and he told him to "shut up" because he was busy...very rude!!! Then we waited for a couple more of minutes and I asked him if we could enter since it was getting late and he turned around and told us "that's it! you are not getting in! go away! you are too ugly!". Can you imagine? I was shocked how can somebody have so much attitude and be so rude...! He is doing a very poor service to the producer of the Rockit party... scaring customers away instead of making business! I m not going back there for a long while until they change the dragged doorman guy that behaves as if he were a Hollywood celebrity...

    • brando2212
      brando2212 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This club is awful..
      First of all they play nothing but shitty top 40 music that Ryan Seacrest would play. They played "Last Christmas" by Wham and it was December 30th. The drinks are weak and overpriced $10 for well. Don't open a tab cause they will charge you a 20% gratuity which is stupid.. Don't bother and move on boys there's so much more out there

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Review was for D36 Rockit
      I went with a friend who was able to get us in, so no line experience, and he introduced me to the sweetest bartender (forget his name though), who took care of me all night. I was flirting with moving to NYC one day, but that night kinda made my decision easy, and less than 2 weeks later, I signed my lease. I will have to see if my experience changes if I'm not my friend's +1 :) Update: not as much fun as that first time I went for their anniversary party

    • Nycforeign1021
      Nycforeign1021 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Worse gay place ever
      First time to that place meeting my friends there . Door man so rude told me not to smile and made me walk to check if I was drunk . I dud t have enough cash because entry is $15 ! You have an ATM but fees are 7,95 $ ! No way I was gonna pay that so I had to go out again ! I had enough alcohol and decided to get some water and surprise this is $6 ! And customers were nit even good looking and very girly ... Never again ;)

    • NYMuscleJoey
      NYMuscleJoey Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Awfully Managed club
      This club was somewhat fun at Quo. The music is good. Guys are good-looking as well. But I did see the ugly drag queens, bouncers at the front treating others badly. They keep long lines outsides even when there are hadly anyone inside. The worst are bartenders. There's one queeny feminine muscle guy without shirt with horrible attitude and makes the worst drinks. Don't go to that guy. The other bartenders are bad as well...weakest drinks in NYC and the most expensive drinks. These bartenders don't deserve any tips. The dancers are kinda hot but they are the same every week.... Boring...... This place.....yawn.

    • jasondman
      jasondman Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I'm so glad this Friday party is heating up. Janice Dickinson was there last week, she cracks me up. I went for the Undergear party last month and it got out of control later. Drinks are too expensive, so have a few before you go.

    • Luckicharms
      Luckicharms Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Will never come here again.
      This place is horrible. Went there for RockIt with my 21 year old sister who happens to have Cerebral Plasy. We waited on line for an hour and when we got to the front the Drag Queen letting people in said that she was dressed too causal and dismissed us off the line. There were many people that were dressed in the same style as her and they were getting in. They just didn't like the way she looked so they didn't let us in. For a night that is supposed to be for the gay community wouldn't you think they would understand what it is like to be different from other people? I will never go there again.

    • janicesuper3
      janicesuper3 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A lot of fun
      I detest clubbing. I never feel comfortable at clubs or parties for that matter. I went to Rockit Fridays at QUO because RPDR was having a launch party there. $5 before 11PM and free open bar until 11 was really good. my friends and i stocked up on enogh drinks to make a pyramid out of the cups. there was great music and really friendly people. i had a ton of fun for the first time in my life at a club/ party. would definitely go back again.

    • getrealFV
      getrealFV Over a year ago
      Hates it

      bitter taste II
      I'll keep it simple - avoid Quo, Rockit, any FV event. They are they ONLY gay venue in NYC to keep you waiting in line in the cold...only to tell you the cover charge is 3x what they advertised...REALLY? Plus the shoebox coat check is a joke, and another 4 bucks. You've already shelled out over 20 bucks before entering the dance floor. Pretty shitty In this economy. Once inside the music would be great....if it came out of a half decent sound system. The boys are def cute...but if they are dumb enough to do this every Friday night, I don't want them. I'm with etrinh, never again.

    • etrinh
      etrinh Over a year ago
      Hates it

      bitter taste
      Visiting from Cali & wanted to take my girl cousins to Rockit for Lil' Kim night. Well we just got kicked out of at the door...Reason??? "I can't do this. There are way too many girls." WTF??? There were a ton of girls waiting in line behind us! I understand that you want to have a certain crowd inside but it's still wrong. With courtesy you could've mentioned it 30 minutes ago when we were waiting in the cold and you were scanning the line. FV Events has left a bad taste in my mouth. Never again.

    • peteorius
      peteorius Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Expensive but good music on the dancefloor
      not usually a dancer, but once the dancefloor opens up after a certain hour (12?) it was a blast. nice open area, hot dancers, good crowd. expensive though - got two small vodka sodas for 20

    • NickNYC
      NickNYC Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best time out in a while!!!
      Went to the last rocket party at Amalia. Had an awesome time! The DJ upstairs wasn't too inspired. But the one downstairs was driving the crowd crazy! awesome mixes of 80's and 90's hits, to electrobeats to usher to Gaga. Awesome venue and no cover charge. Will definitely migrate to their new venue at Quo. Hope it kept the spirit of the Amalia days...

    • DTracer
      DTracer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Ups and downs...
      I think this place deserves a little credit. The venue is gorgeous, open bar until 11pm (come on!), and packed with guys. On the other hand I can understand being upset at the experiences described in the other reviews. Not everyone I saw there was a pretty-boy, though the crowd definitely skewed towards the lookers. The people I met were all friendly--I'd go back in a heart beat were I not 3,000 miles away!

    • tmd189
      tmd189 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Other reviewers are not exaggerating
      The poor manners of the doorpeople are truly staggering. I'm really surprised that whoever manages the place would allow the first experience their customers have of it to be high-handed rudeness. I've seen customers handled more pleasantly by TSA screeners at Newark Airport on a holiday weekend. One visit was more than enough, thanks.

    • sound212
      sound212 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What kind of pretentious gay club is this?
      The place was whack.Ive had better times at Cielo and Pacha.If you wanna go to a trendy gay lounge that keeps it real,go to Vlada,the Ritz or HK lounge.What a joke this place was and is.