Central Park

100% love it
It's a must
You cannot go to New York without taking in Central Park. All four seasons offer the best New York moments. Central Park is America's backyard.


    • PacoMDFACS
      PacoMDFACS Over a year ago

      Nothing beyond 86th Street
      As you all know, the higher you go in Manhattan the city starts to change, so the same thing happens with the park, and even though on 59th the park in Columbus Circus is amazing, you are risking yourself going beyond 86th and certainly you are pushing it beyond 96th.

    • isaac82
      isaac82 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Looking for a fun place for a date? Bring him to the Bethesda fountain in the middle of the park, steal a kiss, and then take him for a rowboat ride. Lunch at the Boathouse afterwards? Fancy! The perfect date!

    • SimplyMoet
      SimplyMoet Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Central park
      Very beautiful place even the waterfall its really breathe taking highly recommended